Artsoluki started to work in January 2021 with the goal of providing illustration services worldwide.
Artsoluki is a family team working in the field of illustration.
Reza Soluki, in collaboration with his brother, Hossein Soluki, who is an illustrator, decided to create the Soluki Brothers team.
Since each of them has a responsibility in the team, they have chosen the name Artsoluki for their team work.
our aim is to provide the very best illustration with a professional and friendly service.
We try to do illustration projects with great care and also be very responsive as if we are with you and work closely together.
We get along well with clients and art directors and do our best to fulfill exactly what they want.
High precision in doing the project, saving your time and money are our goals.
Our principles are based on respect, trust and responsibility.
We are passionate about building long term relationships with our clients.
We are proud to work with wonderful publishers from all over the world.
Here are some of our clients:

Shawline Publishing Group (Australia)
Dominique et compagnie (Canada)
Storytime Magazine (The UK)
Hardshell Publishing (Australia)
Potoroo Publishing (Australia)
Simiyaworld (Germany)
Also, we collaborated with “Makaka Editions” of France in a card game project, which unfortunately was not published.
Meet the Team
I am Hossein Soluki, an illustrator and character designer.
I've been interested in painting since I was a child and I've been drawing since I can remember.
Painting reminds me of my childhood hobbies and adventures.
After years of pencil drawing, I started learning digital painting and illustration techniques at the age of 16.
I'm a digital artist, yet most projects start with a pencil and a piece of paper.
I use Photoshop software for design. I have been using “Wacom Cintiq” for drawing for several years.
However, I am using the “Huion Kamvas 24 plus” now.
I am interested in illustration and drawing for kids.
In my spare time, I enjoy watching animation as well as browsing children's books.
I continue to be trained on a daily basis so that I can improve my design skills and knowledge.
Hossein Soluki, Illustrator
Reza Soluki, Office Manager
I am Reza Soluki, the office manager of the Artsoluki team.
In 2021, my brother and I decided to start the Artsoluki illustration studio with the aim of providing illustration services around the world.
I supervise the projects from the beginning to the final stage.
I communicate with clients to make sure each project is done correctly and exactly according to the client's wishes.
I'm a great listener, which helps to understand the needs of our customers.
I do my best to establish a proper and friendly relationship with clients and art directors.